A FORMER county councillor poured oil over a car which belonged to the wife of a man she claimed to be having an affair with.

Glenda Powell, aged 73, of Charlton Avenue, Newton Farm has been fined for criminal damage and for sending a Christmas card with an offensive message inside.

She was sentenced at Hereford Magistrates Court yesterday in her absence as she was too ill to attend.

Powell initially entered not guilty pleas on October 1 but changed this to guilty on October 17.

The sentencing at the court heard that the defendant appeared to have an obsession with the husband of the victim, Amanda Smith, and Powell had fantasised about having an affair with him.

On December 23 last year Powell went to the home of Mrs Smith in Charlton Avenue at 1.20am and posted a Christmas card through the letter box which was addressed to Mrs Smith.

The message inside said: "I thought you should know your husband has been having an affair for the last 18 months. From a well-informed source."

Then in the early hours of Christmas Day last year at 2.36am she caused criminal damage to Mrs Smith's Jaguar XF Sport by tipping engine oil over the bonnet. The prosecution said they were applying for compensation of £3,887, as it cost £3,756 to repair the driveway and £131 to get the car professionally cleaned.

In a letter to court Powell said she has since been subjected to offensive rumour, gossip and antisocial behaviour and the police have been involved.

Magistrates fined Powell £120 for the criminal damage, £75 for sending an offensive letter and she must pay £185 costs and a £30 victim surcharge. They did not award any compensation as there was no proof of payment for any damage caused.

A doctor's note sent to the court on the date of her sentencing said she had complex multiple pathology issues and could not attend court now or in the foreseeable future.

Powell wrote to court and asked for sentencing to go ahead in her absence, which the court agreed to.

She represented the Belmont ward on Herefordshire Council until 2015 as an Independent.