A POLICE officer told town councillors have there were not enough officers to carry out speed enforcement in Ross-on-Wye.

At Monday night's town council meeting Councillor Paul Symonds asked if there could be speed enforcement carried out in Gloucester Road, Walford Road and Ledbury Road.

PC Shirley Peters said: "At this moment in time we are so short of officers. This evening I am the only one on and I am about to go off.

"The other one is in Gloucester with a young person missing. We don't have the staff."

She said at this time they can only monitor speed.

Councillor Harry Bramer, chairman and Mayor, said: "I am sad to hear that but every organisation in local government and police and health are simply suffering from the under-resourcing."

He said it is ridiculous for politicians to say that the period of austerity has now passed.