A MIDDLE-aged man has been jailed for beating a woman so badly that her front teeth had to be removed.

David Oseman, aged 59, of Chestnut Drive, Hereford, pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Naomi Nelson-Cofie, prosecuting, said the defendant got into a scrap with a woman in January last year while trying to remove her from a property in Hereford.

The victim then started putting her things in a car and Oseman left the property, although he returned a few minutes later.

Ms Nelson-Cofie said he confronted the woman, grabbed her by the hair, pulled her along the floor and attacked her on the ground.

She added: "He punched and kicked her in the face. He admits he lost his temper.

"She [the victim] went to the dentist a few days later. Her front teeth were wobbly. They were removed and she's had to use dentures."

However, Oseman's solicitor, Jason Aris, who was in the courtroom but had been dismissed by the defendant over a dispute about delays, said he denied kicking her in the face.

Speaking on his own behalf, Oseman said: "Who attacked who? Who used a weapon? Has anyone asked the police if I sustained injuries?

"This has been dragging on for two years. I've had to rely on the goodwill of friends to get here. You kept me waiting for six hours.

"I think it's a hate crime and mental cruelty. She attacked me, she used a weapon."

Judge Jim Tindal urged Oseman to change his ways, after listening to his defence.

He added: "You are a man of mature years. In the last two or three years you have started committing serious offences again.

"You have committed two previous offences of assault. You received two community orders.

"You got lucky to a certain extent, you were given a chance. But within three or four months of that second chance you committed this offence.

"You grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the floor. You then punched her in the face and kicked her in the body. You accept that."

Judge Tindal said the victim, who lives in Stroud, felt uncomfortable smiling as a result of losing her front teeth.

He added that the defendant had a disrespectful attitude towards women and minorities.

Oseman reacted to this by swearing and claiming that he had worked in Africa for 10 years.

He continued shouting as he was removed from the courtroom by security guards.

Worcester Crown Court sentenced him to two years in prison on November 8.