MALVERN Theatres delights with this year's seasonal treat of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which has all the ingredients you need for an excellent pantomime.

Mark James returns to the theatre as Muddles after his popular portrayal of Buttons in last year's Cinderella.

He steals the show with his silly humour, jokes for the adults and general slapstick performance, including his "Granny" walk.

James plays the best friend of Snow White, played beautifully by Francesca McKean.

Both Snow White and the Prince, played by Aidan Banyard, are both accomplished singers and it was a pleasure to watch them both on stage.

This year's celebrity, Su Pollard, took on the role of the Wicked Queen and received plenty of boos and hisses from the audience, particularly when she told children to shut up.

Philip Meeks, who played Dolly (Muddles' mum) was surely going for a record with the amount of costume changes he had throughout the show - all daft, extravagant and colourful - just as a dame's outfits should be.

The show followed the traditional story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and had plenty of pace, stage explosions and interaction with the audience.

The seven dwarfs were introduced towards the end of the first half as Snow White found herself lost and alone in the woods.

They welcomed her and she made herself at home as she tried to escape the evil clutches of the Wicked Queen.

Sets were beautifully designed, as were the costumes, which made for a professional and entertaining pantomime.

My nieces particularly loved The 12 Days of Christmas scene which involved Muddles, the Prince, Grouchy and Dolly running around the stage chaotically and Muddles even running up and down the theatre.

It is always a pleasure to go and watch a pantomime at Malvern Theatres as they always put on such an amazing show, including what everyone is looking for in a pantomime.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is at Malvern Theatres until January 6. Tickets range from £12.32 to £29.12 from