DEADLY venomous snakes, a beaded lizard and a zebra, are among the dangerous and wild animals local residents have asked permission to keep in the county.

Herefordshire Council has granted all three dangerous wild animal licence applications it has received during the last two years, a freedom of information request has revealed.

The list of animals includes monocled cobras, a bush viper, white lip pit viper, a green pit viper, a beaded lizard, a Sri Lankan pit viper, a brown spotted pit viper, a long nosed viper and a pygmy rattlesnake and a zebra.

The monocled cobra is found in south east Asia and its highly toxic venom is considered one of the fastest acting snake venoms in the world. It can cause death in just an hour after envenomation.

It is an offence to keep any animal listed in the schedule of the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 without a licence with the exemption of zoos, circuses and pet shops.

The licence fee for 2018/19 is £254 plus vet fees.