A MILITARY doctor from Herefordshire has been named as Britain's hardest woman soldier.

The Sun used its front page to officially give Captain Eva Howard's the honour after she came within two miles of being the first woman to complete the gruelling Parachute Regiment selection course.

But despite the fame of appearing on the cover of the country's top-selling newspaper, the county-educated Royal Army Medical Corps officer simply wants to do her job.

“Because I’m working with the Parachute Regiment, I want to be able to jump out of a plane,” she said.

“As a doctor I want to provide the best medical care.”

The former St Mary’s RC High School pupil and Hereford Sixth Form student tackled the seriously tough course with over 150 others although less than 50 passed.

This five-week course included a 10-mile march over rough terrain in full kit in less than an hour and 50 minutes, and Captain Howard came within just two miles of passing all the tests, endurance marches and assault courses.

In a rare move, the keen mountaineer, rock climber and cyclist has been invited to re-take the challenge.

“I’m not doing this to prove myself and I don't want this attention,” she explained.

“If a war was to break out, as a doctor within an airborne brigade I should be able to jump out of a plane with the battle group.”

If Captain Howard were to pass P Company she would then be able to do the military parachuting course.

Her father, Ian said he was “very proud” of his daughter.

“It is amazing how much grit and stamina she has,” he added.