A HEREFORD woman has won £125,000 on TV's Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Katy Chambers, an human resources officer, last night won the big prize on the show hosted by Jeremy Clarkson.

One of the tensest moment on the ITV quiz show came when Katy faced her £64,000.

She was asked: "In the 1995 film ‘Toy Story’, which character says the final three words: “Wow, a puppy!”? A: Woody B: Andy C: Buzz Lightyear D: Mr. Potato Head.

Looking uncertain, Katy first took advantage of her ask-the-host option.

Clarkson himself was not sure of the right answer.

Katy then opted for a 50:50, in which the show's computer takes away two wrong answers from the question screen.

She still appeared to be in a dilemma about the remaining two possible answers: A: Woody or B: Andy.

"Are you a gambler by nature?" asked Clarkson.

"Not when there's this much money at stake," Katy replied.

After a further pause, she said: "Using my logic, I'm going for 'Andy'."

It was the correct answer. Katy looked relieved, the audience burst into applause, and Clarkson said the minimum she would be going home with was £64,000.

Next she was asked: "How old was William Pitt the Younger when he became the UK's youngest ever prime minister?"

The possible answers were: A: 18 B: 21 C: 24 or D: 27.

"I've got a degree in politics, but I've not got the faintest idea on this question," Katy said.

She took her phone-a-friend option, and asked 'Mike', who had just 30 seconds to listen to Katy read the question and come up with an answer.

But he was at a loss too, and could only suggest that Pitt was aged around 21 to 23.

After another tense pause, Katy eventually opted for 24, which was the correct answer.

Her frown of concentration was replaced by a beaming smile.

Now, just three questions away from the £1million prize, she was asked: "A theodolite is most likely to be used by someone with which occupation?"

The options were A: car mechanic B: surgeon C: jeweller or D: surveyor.

The word 'theodolite' did not mean anything to Katy.

She admitted: "I have not heard of it before, and I don't know the answer."

She chose to take the winnings she had amassed so far, and quit the show.

Clarkson announced to applause: "Katy Chambers you are going home with £125,000!"

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, which was originally hosted by Chris Tarrant, returned to TV last year for a series of 20th anniversary specials with Jeremy Clarkson, best known as a former presenter of BBC's Top Gear motoring show.

The special run was so successful that ITV decided to commission a further 10, which kicked off on New Year’s Day.

Here's how Katy fought her way to a big prize: