When to put your rubbish bin out is changing from Monday (March 18).

Herefordshire Council is altering its collection system to group areas together to reduce fuel costs and make it more efficient.

That means that some people will have their collection day changed but everyone is now being asked to put their bin out by 6.30am or the evening before.

Most of the day changes are in the Ross and Ledbury areas.

The council will write directly to residents who will see a change to their collection day.

The idea is to make collection routes more efficient and prevent missed collections.

There have been few changes to collection routes since 2014 but many new properties have been built since then.

Collection areas have been grouped together to ensure that all the waste in that area is collected on one day, rather than over several days.

In the long term, this will mean that we reduce vehicle emissions and save fuel. The time saving also means there will be more flexibility to cope with seasonal changes in the amount of waste and recycling being collected, and create more capacity to allow for future housing developments.

Residents can check their bin collection days, download a collection calendar and find answers to further questions online at www.herefordshire.gov.uk/bincollection