This year sees the 75th anniversary of D-Day, when on June 6 1944 Allied troops landed from the air and sea in Normandy, and the liberation of the continent began.

The Herefordshire Regimental Museum is preparing a World War Two themed display to remember the part it played in the campaign after it landed over the beaches on June 13. They were soon in the thick of the fighting and suffered their first casualties when they were engaged in battle on the Rivers Odon and Orne, attempting to free Caen and break out of the beachhead.

The battalion had been training in England for two2 years before the landings, and whilst they were in Aldershot in May 1944 each company and subunit had their photograph taken and the Museum is keen to include these in the display.

The challenge is that the museum does not hold a copy of every photograph, and would appeal to the readers of the Hereford Times to search to see if they can help.

The two photographs missing are those of A Company and B Company; A Company was recruited in Hereford and B Company in Kington.

If you can help please contact the curator at: