EPILEPSY specialists will be on hand at Hereford County Hospital to raise awareness of the condition on International Epilepsy Day.

Epilepsy is the most common neurological condition affecting 1 in 103 people in the UK.

More than 1,400 people are living with a diagnosis of epilepsy in Herefordshire alone.

The good news is that 70 per cent of those diagnosed can live their lives seizure-free with the right medication and support.

Wye Valley NHS Trust's adult epilepsy specialist nurse Raechel Robinson and paediatric epilepsy specialist Caroline Amos are working to raise awareness of epilepsy and will be busy on “Purple Day”, March 26.

They are organising a stand in the main reception at Hereford County Hospital where visitors can ask questions, seek advice and guidance, pick up some literature and even be referred for a consultation if appropriate.

“As well as epilepsy, it’s important that people are aware of other conditions such as functional neurological disorder or non-epileptic attacks,” Raechel said.

“This is an opportunity to come along and find out more about how you can help others or how to get support and improve your quality of life if you have these conditions.

“There is still a stigma around epilepsy and part of my job is to increase public knowledge and improve understanding to as many people as possible so this stigma can be challenged and changed.

"Whether it’s functional neurological disorder, non-epiliptic attacks or epilepsy, having a diagnosis can be life changing but there is support available.

“If you’ve got any questions or concerns about epilepsy or you just need someone to talk to if it has affected you or your family, please pop in to the hospital’s main reception on March 26 for a chat."