MORE big estates being built in a growing town could put undue pressure on Ledbury’s water supply, says a councillor.

Cllr Nina Shields, the chairman of Ledbury Town Council, expressed her concerns at a recent full town council meeting.

At the meeting, town and county councillor, Liz Harvey, said the water authority was requesting “water management plans” from developers hoping to build in Ledbury “in order to manage water usage”.

And Cllr Harvey added: “The water authority is also looking at the whole supply side of things themselves.”

Ledbury looks set to expand considerably to the north and south in particular.

Developer Barratt wants to build the 270 home Hawk Rise estate off Leadon Way while Bloor wants to build 625 homes to the north of the viaduct, off the Bromyard Road. Meanwhile Gladman wants to see a 420 home estate off the Dymock Road, and is planning to take Herefordshire Council to an appeal, for non-determination.

In addition, 100 new homes could be built on the old cricket pitch site and Gladman has also outlined initial proposals for a 210 house estate close to the River Leadon, to the west of Ledbury.

Welsh Water says its first duty is to safeguard the supplies of existing customers, and it would not support any application which overstretched capacity.

With this in mind it works closely with the planning authority, Herefordshire Council.

A Welsh Water spokesman said: “As the water undertaker in Ledbury, Welsh Water has a duty to ensure that any planned developments do not have a detrimental impact on the service we provide to our existing customers.

“Therefore, while we seek to support new development we would not support new connections to our water supply network through the planning process unless we were satisfied that the capacity existed.”

The spokesman added: “To ensure we do this, we actively engage with Herefordshire Council throughout the planning process and advise on the capability within our water supply network to accommodate new development.

“Also, when a development is consented, we continue to work closely with the council and the developer to manage the connection of a new development to protect our service to existing customers and the local environment.”