WHILE politicians continue to grapple with the big Brexit question, a Herefordshire artist has hoisted a symbolic SOS call to the rest of Europe high above Britain’s south coast.

Under the direction of Duncan McKellar, more than 400 participants holding mirrors managed to capture the sun’s rays and beam them back across the English Channel as part of a large-scale, pro-EU artwork.

Coastguards were informed in advance of the spectacular activity which was filmed throughout by a drone, a creative means of showing the strength of British pro-EU feeling in the face of Brexit chaos.

Now based in Bristol, the artist, who grew up on a smallholding at Kinnersley, last year completed an artwork on a vast scale on the other side of the Atlantic. In a vast artistic message which could well reach the ear of President Trump, the son of retired Hereford jewellery designer John McKellar organised a line of people stretching for one kilometre crossing the border between the United States and Mexico.

Each participant wore a mirrored mask which caught the sun, the collective gleam presenting a dazzling ‘Ray of Hope’ across the controversial wall.

The work was made in collaboration with graphic designer, David Martin and a short documentary entitled ‘Reflect – A Ray of Hope’ has already gained success in multiple film festivals.

Duncan, who was born in Knighton, explains that his aim is to make pieces which “amaze and amuse”, bringing a sense of wonder and humour to the everyday.

He has little time for reflection on his considerable, thought provoking accomplishments. This week he is heading back to the US to complete a further piece on the border.

This time he will be attaching a three-metre circular mirror to the wall between Douglas in Arizona and Agua Prieta in Mexico, and the artwork is to be photographed in order to create an illusion of a hole in the wall itself.

A creation which could provide even more food for thought for the White House.