It’s thought a security app for businesses has deterred criminals from thefts, drug dealing and anti-social behaviour in Hereford.

Hereford BID represents 400 businesses in the city centre and launched an app in 2017 to show real-time information on criminals, including current offenders in the city or people with criminal behaviour orders against them.

It allows business owners to protect their staff, stock and customers by alerting them of potential criminals as well as when someone attempts a distraction scam or tries to use fake currency.

Hereford BID said criminals have a high chance of getting caught so should think twice before committing a crime.

Hannah McCourt, Security Administrator at Hereford BID, said: “Our DISC smart phone system is now being used by over 265 retailers, pubs, clubs and restaurants in the city.

“It provides real-time intelligence on activities such as store thefts, anti-social behaviour, drug dealing and night-time disorder.

“Ultimately, Hereford BID want people intending to commit crime in Hereford to think again. You will have a high chance of being caught and arrested and we and our partners will work tirelessly hard to keep its reputation as a pleasant and safe place to come to”.

The organisation said the app a recent success of the app resulted in a man being detained after returning to the city centre with the intention of committing indecent exposure.

Ms McCourt added: “An example of the success of DISC was illustrated only last week when a man was detained by police in the city who we believe had returned again with the intention of committing indecent exposure to shop staff.

“This individual had previously visited in March having carried out the offence. His arrest was the direct result of businesses, CCTV, Police and Retail Radio working together using the DISC system."