A VETERAN solider from Hereford is planning a tour around the UK's coastline on a custom built motorbike to raise money for military charities.

Luke smith served in the parachute regiment until 2015 when he was medically discharged after being injured by an IED in 2011.

During his time serving he took part in the British Superbike Championships for a military team.

After leaving the army he took over Auto Chips and Dent Care in the city and started building his own bikes instead of racing.

The latest is a custom built Triumph which he hopes he will take around the country's coastline this summer, despite not riding on the road before leaving the forces.

Luke Smith said: "It's not the most comfortable of bikes to ride around the coastline of England, but I'll be doing it with a friend of mine who's a photographer.

"I hope he'll be able to take videos and make a documentary of it.

"The trouble is finding the time with work, it'll be painstaking but worth it. Veterans of War will be the main charity, I was sponsored by them when I was racing.

"We'll also stop at specific places along the route, which will be companies who have donated as well as sponsors like bike dealerships who are involved with military charities."

Mr Smith never sells the bikes he makes, instead he displays them at events held by a motorbike clothing kit owned and ran by military veterans.

The Triumph built by Mr Smith will be shown at a vintage motors event which will see money donated to a veterans rehabilitation centre.

Mr Smith added: "It's good to have a place to meet like HR4K, Hereford is a military town, not like others and some may not like the sound of that. It brings a good sense of community and bringing people with the same interests together.

"Also those in the process of leaving the military, it allows them to see what is possible for them and what others are doing, most of which is completely different from their previous career, which is a good thing.

"I believe the funds from the weekend are going to the veterans rehabilitation centre, this is a great thing for Hereford, we all have to look out for each other."

To support Luke, visit veterans-of-war.org