BOSBURY WI recently welcomed Michelle James of Severn Waste, the firm that sorts household ‘green bin’ waste for Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

After sorting all the waste is baled and sold on to other companies.

WI members heard how, in the UK 90% of total waste used to go to landfill and now it is only 10%.

Bosbury WI spokesperson, Gill Andrews said: "Michelle gave us lots of useful advice and recommended that we flow the three ‘R’s, reduce, re-use, and recycle.

"She stressed how important it was to only put the correct items in the green bins. At the moment they cannot recycle black plastic and broken glass from window panes and tinfoil, but these can be received at your local recycling centre."

Bosbury WI will be running a plant stall at the Bosbury Farmers’ Market on Saturday May 18.

Further details: 01531 641982.