MORE than 80 year 10 students were awarded prefect status at a recent presentation event at the John Masefield High School in Ledbury.

Students at the High School are awarded prefect status for factors including academic performance, behaviour and attendance.

Prefects at the Masefield can also help other pupils achieve academically through a series of mentoring schemes.

The school said the presentation was a celebration of their pupils.

The school’s business manager, Wendy Bradbeer said: “The event was well attended by parents and carers who watched the awarding of prefect sweatshirts and heard how hard the students had to work in order to receive the accolade.

“In order to become a prefect, students appointed had to demonstrate that they are consistently conscientious, considerate and co-operative.

“ They all have excellent progress reports, behaviour and attendance records.”

She added: “Each prefect will be allocated to one of five prefect teams – Arts, Maths Buddies, Primary School Liaison, Reading Buddies and sport and they will be given training by the member of staff leading their prefect team over the next fortnight and will then commence their new duties in the near future.

“We are delighted that so many students achieved the very high standards required to become a prefect and look forward to them performing their new duties shortly.”

Students who narrowly missed out on being appointed prefects will be reconsidered during the summer term.