Don't vote Labour in the European elections- that's the controversial recommendation of anti-Brexit group Herefordshire for Europe.

The national People's Vote campaign has included Labour in the parties it is recommending Remainers to support.

But Herefordshire for Europe say the party has not done enough and people who want a second vote should go elsewhere.

In their newly-published leaflets and posters they advocate voting Lib Dem, Green, Change UK or Plaid Cymru.

Herefordshire for Europe acknowledge their decision is controversial, but Chair Guy Wilkinson said: “We considered this carefully.

"We would have liked to include Labour because the majority of Labour MPs and Labour Party members, as well as all candidate MEPs, are in favour of the confirmatory vote.

"However, because Labour continues to support a deal with the Conservatives on continuing with Brexit without committing to a confirmatory vote, we cannot honestly commend the party at this time”

Sion Simon, a Labour MEP candidate, argues that 'in real-life, practical terms, Labour is for a public vote.'

“All Labour MEPs support a public vote, as do the overwhelming majority of Labour party members. Our Deputy Leader, Tom Watson, is a leading voice for a public vote in all circumstances.

"Our leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has also clearly and repeatedly expressed his support for a pubic vote, in all but two extraordinary circumstances - Parliamentary agreement on the Government’s Brexit deal or a general election - both of which are extremely unlikely to happen.

"This is the party’s official manifesto position."

A European elections hustings organised by Worcestershire and Herefordshire for Europe takes place on Sunday at 7pm in Malvern.