AN ALPACA whose regular strolls through High Town gained her a following of fans has given birth to a very special baby.

Biscuit the alpaca gave birth to her baby, known as a cria, earlier this month after an 11-and-a-half- month pregnancy.

And owner Derrick Murphy said he was instantly aware that this was an unusual young alpaca, who he named Jack.

Born with a pure white coat, a pink nose and bright blue eyes, beautiful little Jack is a semi-albino blue-eyed-white, a genetic variation which remains at the centre of great controversy amongs alpaca breeders.

Once prized for their pure white coats, which were said to be finer than those of their pigmented relatives, blue-eyed-white alpacas have fallen out of favour with breeders in recent decades.

The stunning colouration is believed to go hand-in-hand with total or partial deafness in alpacas, although many owners disagree with this.

But the hearing tests can wait for now!

Mr Murphy said Jack is happily suckling and has spent the recent sunny days running around the field like a young Forest Gump.

When ready, he will be accompanying his mother and elder sister, Tiffin, on walks in Hereford.