THE HowTheLightGetsIn festival at Hay has announced its full programme, and its a mix of debate, philosophy and live music, just perfect for a tenth anniversary year.

The festival, which runs from May 24 to May 27, features "electrifying live performances from Anna Calvi, British Sea Power,

Donovan, Zero 7 and many more".

But it won't just been musical fireworks.

See and hear Jon Lansman, founder of Momentum clash with outspoken People’s Vote campaigner Anna Soubry, while Shadow Women and Equalities Secretary, Dawn Butler, talks identity politics and tribal conflict."

But what is life without a laugh?

There will be "howlingly funny stand-up from Phil Wang, Lou Sanders, Ahir Shah and more".

On a more serious note, mathematical physicist and Stephen Hawking collaborator Roger Penrose will put forward his theory as to why 95 per cent of the universe is missing.

And the Maxwell prize-winning physicist John Ellis explains weird physics and parallel universes.

Mind-twisting literature gets more than a look-in.

Bestselling philosopher Julian Baggini asks: are you an illusion? - while celebrated literary critic Terry Eagleton explores the lure of evil. Then Fab star Helen Lederer questions what it’s all for?

As you do.

Further details: