If any music performances take place at the new "bandstand" shelter on Ledbury's Recreation Ground in the near future, they will have to unplugged because, contrary to expectations, the facility lacks a power supply.

Former town councillor, Tony Bradford, who was instrumental in pushing for the facility, says he is "very disappointed" that the shelter currently lacks the solar panels and plug socket he always envisaged and called for.

And he is also disappointed that, so far, there has been no grand launch for the shelter and local school students have not decorated the shelter with their street art, which was also an idea he actively supported as a town councillor.

Mr Bradford, who stood down before the town council elections earlier this month said: "I am very disappointed after all the work we put in and the meetings we had with residents."

Another former town councillor, Martin Eager, was equally damming of the new shelter, calling the £10,000 domed construction "an eyesore" with many shortcomings.

He said: "Does it have power ? No. Is it a performance venue ? No."

He added: "I spoke to a couple of councillors a few months ago and both had little idea as to what was being proposed. When I asked about the electrical supply, for costs, quotes and so on, they had no idea what I was talking about.

"This is a case of little knowledge and a complete ignorance of what is entailed in supplying electricity to this location."

The old metal shelter, at the same location, had a leaky roof, but Mr Eager questioned the need to replace it in the first place.

He said: "The users of the Recreation Ground, not just the kids, have been let down; a perfectly sound structure has been replaced with something that has minimal practical usefulness."

But Ledbury's Mayor, Cllr Phillip Howells, has indicated that the new shelter/bandstand is very much a work in progress.

He said: "Whilst the addition of an electric power source for live music, additional lighting and so on was discussed via the committee structure, no formal decision has been made on this. However, now the shelter is in place the relevant committee will revisit this option with a view to reviewing if and how an electric power source can be provided."

And further community involvement will forthcoming.

Mr Howells added: "It was always intended that the shelter would be decorated with ‘street art’ and in keeping with the new council’s youth theme for this year, this will certainly be the case. Now it is installed, different youth groups will be asked to submit ideas for both artwork and artist suggestions. Discussions on the Recreation Ground with young people and parents on this subject have already been enthusiastically received. Invitations will be going out in the near future.

"A shelter launch date will be announced once the shelter has been decorated, hopefully before the end of the summer."

Mr Howells said there had been positive feedback already about the shelter.

He said: "The chats with young users have met with very positive reactions, such as ‘it’s better than the old one’, ‘it’s bigger than we expected’ and ‘it actually provides more shelter than the old one.

"The town council is sure the new shelter will provide a welcome and appreciated gathering focus point for the young and all other Ledbury residents and visitors for years to come."