A HEREFORDSHIRE farmers group have a famous face sitting in their president's seat.

Nick Hewer, from BBC show The Apprentice, has been voted onto the board of the National Hereford Club. Open to all Hereford cattle enthusiasts, the club organise herd visits, workshops and an annual competitive cattle show to promote the breed.

Mr Hewer, known more recently s the host of Channel 4 show Countdown, is a descendant of the famed Hewer family which was so influential during the establishment of the breed.

The Hewers have to take most of the credit for the dominant white faced Hereford which was primarily successful not due to facial colour, but because Hewer-bred cattle were some of the best around at the time.

The Club, dedicated to breeders and enthusiasts of horned Hereford cattle, stages its national show at Tenbury Countryside Show on Saturday 3 August, where the new president will be in attendance.