AN ELDERLY bus user from Hereford said he broke four ribs and injured his knee when he fell after the driver stopped suddenly.

Research by Age UK in 2012 showed more than 800 older people fall on buses every day and nearly two million are concerned about falling.

Charles Boardman, 85, of Esmond Road has COPD, a lung disease which increases breathlessness, and severe arthritis. He said he fell after boarding the 85 bus from Commercial Road as the driver set off and stopped suddenly before he had chance to sit down.

Mr Boardman said: "I was an hour on the bus before an ambulance came on the April 16, I wrote a letter to the company and had no response.

"I'm now using buses again, but drivers are still taking off quickly before people can sit down. I got a taxi to Morrisons but had to get the bus back. I put my hand out to stop the bus but he stopped in the middle of the road and not in the pull in.

"Because traffic was building up behind him he set off and then braked suddenly. I had four broken ribs and an injury to my right knee. I'm still recovering and still suffering."

Yeomans Travel, which operates the 81 route from Hereford city bus station to College Green, have been approached for comment.