AN ALPACA enthusiast is offering children in Herefordshire the opportunity to name and meet the latest addition to his famous flock.

The brown haired baby boy was born to two of author Derrick Murphy's alpacas, Toby and Milly.

Known as a 'macho', the baby alpaca is a brother to Biscuit, who gained a following of fans after she was spotted being taken on regular walks through Hereford.

Native to South America, alpacas were bred specifically for their fleeces by the ancient tribes of the Andean highlands through Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.

A vital resource for those ancient tribes, alpaca fleeces remain highly prized for their fine texture and warmth retaining properties.

An increasingly popular addition to our fields, alpacas are mostly quiet and highly trainable animals.

The competition to name the baby is open to all junior and primary school children in Herefordshire, with the winner to be chosen by owner, Derrick.

The winner and their parents or guardians will have the opportunity to meet, feed and have their photo taken with the alpacas.

They will also be able to walk the baby on a lead.

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