A SET of temporary traffic lights have been causing delays on the A4103 Roman Road in Hereford.

The lights, which are close to Hereford Racecourse, were causing traffic to back up as far as the Canon Pyon during rush hour this morning.

They are in place because a manhole cover in the road has sunk, outside Bloor Homes' Hereford Point housing development and were causing a 15-minute delays to those driving towards the Starting Gate roundabout.

Yesterday evening, commuters reported the lights weren't working properly, which caused a knock-on effect to traffic trying to leave the city. There were long tail-backs on the A49 Holmer Road.

Chris Clark, who was one of the drivers caught up in the delays yesterday evening, said: "Those temporary traffic lights need resetting. I counted 35 vehicles coming through one way on green with five going the other way on green.

"(That was) yesterday tea time. Several cars gave up and probably went through on red. Very frustrating."