WITH car parking charges set to be introduced at Ledbury train station next week, commuters have pointed to flexibility and better transport integration as a way to overcome significant problems.

West Midlands Railway, which operates the station, will introduce a standard daily rate of £3 from Monday, July 1, and the extra cash will help to improve facilities at the car park, including CCTV and improved surfaces.

A transport review is already underway.

But with some commuters now considering the prospect of catching a bus to the station, instead of driving there, concerns are mounting that many bus and train serves do not appear to integrate with each other.

Posting on the Voice of Ledbury Facebook site, Derrick Masters said: “The trains leave the station approximately on the hour. The bus to Hereford goes from deer park on the hour, so it gets to station after the train has left. The bus from Hereford comes just before the train arrives.

“This is no good for people wanting to get to and from the station. Integration with the buses would help the pressure on traffic at the station. Perhaps the town bus could be routed to provide a service?”

And while some residents welcome the charges, fears remain that motorists will now choose to park up on nearby residential streets, rather than pay the new charges.

Cameron Pound said: “It’s good you get charged, so that people don’t park there all day for free and go into the town; but those people will park by our houses when there is no parking at all!

“Sometimes after work I can’t find any parking and have to drive around for an hour until someone moves.”

But some commuters say Ledbury Station’s free parking has itself led to people taking advantage.

Bill Stump said: “Hereford residents, using the eastbound service, park at Ledbury to avoid paying for parking at Hereford Station.”

West Midlands Railway say it is looking at how people travel to and from their local station, and for some cycling in might be a solution, with extra cycle spaces on the cards to help facilitate this.

Andy Camp, commercial director for West Midlands Railway said earlier this month: “We want to make all our stations easier and safer to use. We are also investing in more cycle spaces and each station will undergo a sustainable transport review as we continue to make our stations more welcoming.”

But commuters are still looking for an element of flexibility, especially when it comes to dropping off and picking up passengers by car.

Elaine Plumer said: “Hopefully there will be a ten minute window, so you can drop off and pick up.”