REMAINERS were out and about in Ledbury, to mark the third anniversary, and counting, of the Brexit referendum.

What was termed the third birthday party saw remainers in the town centre, attempting to gauge local opinion on the idea of leaving the EU without a deal.

Harriet Pahl, chair of Ledbury for Europe said: "We marked the third anniversary since Mr. Cameron’s ill-advised referendum, which has plunged our nation into such utter chaos. Ledbury for Europe and similar cross-party grassroots groups all over Britain commemorated the occasion with meetings, rallies, street stalls and a door-to-door leafleting campaign asking to 'Let us be Heard' and demanding the final say on Brexit for everyone, rather than the 0.25% of the population who make up the Conservative Party members eligible to choose the new Prime Minister.

"Ledbury4EU members asked passers-by if they would be prepared to accept a number of probable consequences of a No-Deal Brexit, such as higher prices, lower food standards, delays to life-saving drugs, the loss of jobs, travel rights, study options and the car industry – many of which are already happening. The initiative was hugely successful, though a few people may still not have entirely grasped how pivotal to our prosperity and to social justice our membership of the European Union is."

She added: “Far-right propaganda claims the EU wants to take away our sovereignty, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact national sovereignty is guaranteed by EU law. We have 10% of the votes in the European Parliament (based proportionally on our population). That’s far more than most other countries have. We do need to vote for serious MEPs, though, and not for slackers who take their salaries and don’t turn up to vote, or who vote to create havoc. We really need to put our own house in order, and by that I mean our archaic parliamentary system, which is unrepresentative and unfair.”

Boris Johnson, the current frontrunner in the Tory leadership race and the man likely to become the UK's next Prime Minister has vowed there will be no more Brexit delay anniversaries after October 31, the date when the UK is scheduled to leave the UK.

He has said: “So we are getting ready to come out on October 31. Come what may . . . Do or die. Come what may.

"I do believe I can get a no-deal Brexit through the Commons . . . I think that MPs on both sides of the House also understand that they will face mortal retribution from the electorate unless we get on and do it.”