BILL WIGGIN continues to be paid tens of thousands of pounds each year for work he undertakes for a company based in Bermuda.

The MP for North Herefordshire has been a managing director of Emerging Asset Management since November of 2015.

They are based in Hamilton on the island of Bermuda and, in the latest register of MPs' financial interests, Mr Wiggin says he is a director of two fund platforms in the Caymans and two in Bermuda.

His declaration states that, from January 1, 2019, his remuneration as Managing Director and Board director is £49,140 a year.

The Conservative politician is expected to work eight hours a week for these directorships and managing director role.

The Hereford Times first published stories about Mr Wiggin's work with the company in Bermuda in 2017.

In common with all MPs, he is entitled to supplement his parliamentary income but must declare these earnings.

Mr Wiggin later complained to the regulator of the press over the coverage – and raged in Parliament when this was not upheld by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO).

The Hereford Times periodically publishes these details to keep readers abreast of their MPs’ financial interests outside Parliament.

The latest information, which is freely available to view, also shows that Mr Wiggin was paid a bonus last October by Emerging Asset Management of £650 and received director's fees of £18,825 in February for being a director of four platforms.

In addition to the £79,468 salary Mr Wiggin is paid for being an MP, he is also paid an annual fee of £12,000 for his work as a non-executive director with Allpay Ltd.

The register of interests state that the politician is expected to attend four meetings a year, which are each expected to last five-and-a-half hours, as part of his work with the bill payment solution specialists on the Whitestone Business Park near Hereford.

When declaring their financial interests, MPs also have to explain any gifts or benefits received.

Mr Wiggin enjoyed a day's shooting in South Derbyshire thanks to the British Association for Shooting and Conservation and a 50% discount on a family ski pass worth £353 courtesy of the Skigruppe der Bundesversammlung.

Meanwhile, Mr Wiggin also declared that his wife receives "ad-hoc" income from lodgers at his London home.

Jesse Norman, the MP for Hereford and South Herefordshire, has also declared his financial interests.

The Conservative, who has written books on politics and economics, was paid more than £28,000 in royalties from publishers since last August.

Mr Norman also received £3,070 for participating in a conference and £762 for helping to arrange a conference.

He also received accommodation and food for him and his wife, estimated at a cost of £349, when attending the Scotland International Conference and food and accommodation valued at £687 when attending the Franco-British Colloque's 2019 Conference.