CATCH up with ‘The Anniversary’ at The Coach House in Malvern, but the event will be a play, not a party.

The black comedy of family power-play opens at the venue on July 16 for a one week run, as a study of personal quirks and inner lives.

And how do you deal with an over-possessive mum who has more than a mild streak of deviousness?

A spokesman said: “ Written by Bill Macilwraith, The Anniversary is performed by The Malvern Theatre Players, and is produced and directed by Gill Young.”

But what can audience expect?

The spokesman added: “Since Dad died, Mum has carried on the family business and profits have doubled. Every year, Mum has held an anniversary party (despite Dad’s absence) insisting that all the family must attend.

“Her three grown-up sons are still dominated by their scalpel-tongued, deviously possessive mother, both in their daily business and personal lives. Mum usually manages to make them do whatever she wants, regardless of their own family needs. This year they gather as usual, but the worms turn and fearing she is losing control over her sons, Mum resorts to the most despicable means and tricks to try to keep them close to her.

“A glittering and darkly funny web is weaved as Tom brings his pregnant fiancée Shirley home for the annual wedding-anniversary ritual orchestrated by his scalpel-tongued, deviously possessive Mum. Of Tom’s brothers and co-workers in the family building business, Terry is a weakling, trying to get up the nerve to announce his imminent emigration to Canada just to get away from Mum, and Henry is a considerate, gentle giant who just happens to have strange compulsions.”

The Anniversary opens at The Coach House Theatre on Tuesday July 16 and runs until Saturday July 20.

Evening performances are at 7.30pm, with a Saturday matinee at 2:30pm.

Tickets are on sale at the Malvern Theatres box office: or call 01684 892277.