A PRO-BREXIT campaign group took their message to Herefordshire's market towns last week.

Herefordshire For Brexit supporters campaigned alongside Brexit Party activists last Saturday as part of the Brexit Party’s first nationwide Day Of Action.

The Brexit Party’s aim was to mobilise up to 500 local groups across the country to distribute the first edition of their regular newspaper, The Brexiteer.

Herefordshire was well covered, with the roadshow visiting Ledbury, Bromyard, Leominster and Hereford.

Several hundred copies of the newspaper were handed out to residents, with many thousands ready to be delivered over the summer months.

Roadshow organiser Christopher Kingsley said: “The response was the same as usual, with the majority in full support and a few who voiced their opposition, but there were also many, whichever way they voted, who are sick and tired hearing about Brexit and just want the government to get it done in October!”

Herefordshire For Brexit and the Brexit Party will be continuing to maintain a strong presence in Herefordshire towns over the next few weeks.