A MAN assaulted a police officer at a music festival leaving him ‘shaken’.

Ricky Smith, 21 was involved in an incident that arose during West Fest, in Malvern on June 29.

Prosecuting, Nicola Ritchie told the court that PC Penney had stated: “The incident left me shaken up. This has caused me a great deal of stress, also fearing for my safety.”

The officer was left with a red mark on his forehead after Smith assaulted him.

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Miss Ritchie said: “Officers were called at noon. The annual event is held on a Malvern community field. Police were called by organisers due to a group of drunk males.

PC Penney came on his own and spoke to four males including the defendant.”

They refused to leave the festival when asked, and one of the men fell back wards, he got up and walked towards PC Penney, shouting something at him.

PC Penney was outnumbered and called for back up.

During the incident, Smith, of Sayers Avenue, Malvern went up to a festival manager, who was hit by one of the others. PC Penney intervened and at that point he was grabbed by the waist by Smith, who was trying to obstruct him from getting involved with the incident with the other men.

The group then dispersed into the crowd. PC Penney saw one of the males punch someone in the head.

Miss Ritchie said: “He felt someone grab him from behind causing him to fall over and hit his head.”

During a struggle “he felt a number of blows to his forehead and he saw the defendant’s right arm lashing towards his head, causing blows to his head.” Miss Ritchie told the court.

Smith was arrested shortly after.

The court heard how the officer also felt lucky that he was not more hurt after the incident.

Miss Ritchie continued: “Mr Smith is of previous good character, with no previous convictions. He was reprimanded for an assault by beating but that was in 2008.”

Miss Ritchie pointed out that the assault “caused great stress to the officer,” also stating that given the incident was at a music festival, it was likely there could have been vulnerable people around.

Defending, Garry Harper said: “Thankfully the officer did not come away with any greater injuries.

He (Smith) accepts that he obstructed the officer. The second incident happened because Mr Smith saw the officer was talking to his mother and he thought he was going to try to arrest her.

He had been drinking on the day. He can’t really remember much that happened on that particular day. To his credit, when he found out he had the good grace to apologise to the officer. He does not make a habit of attacking police officers.”

Magistrate Simon Freebairn told Smith: “It is unfortunate that alcohol got the better of you on this occasion.”

The magistrates took into account Smith’s early guilty plea and he was fined £61 for each of the two offences, obstructing a constable, and common assault of an emergency worker. He also has to pay £100 compensation to PC Penney.

The case was heard at Worcester Magistrates Court on Thursday, July 11.