ONE of Herefordshire's MPs is "delighted" that Boris Johnson has been elected as the new Leader of the Conservative Party, and is hoping for extra NHS funding for his consistency.

Mr Johnson has been elected as the new leader of the party, and will take over as Prime Minister tomorrow after he received 66% of the vote.

MP for North Herefordshire, Bill Wiggin, said he thought the new government will get "the best deal for Britain", and hoped the benefits of an extra £20 billion of funding for the NHS would be put to use in his consistency.

Mr Wiggin said: “I am delighted for Boris and wish him the very best for a successful premiership. I am excited for the future of our County and our Country under this leader. He has the energy and vision to break the Brexit deadlock and leave the EU by 31 October.

"Boris plans to strengthen our NHS with higher frontline spending, making sure that the £20 billion in new NHS funding will be seen in GP surgeries and hospitals in North Herefordshire.

"I am also encouraged by his plans to hire 20,000 new police officers to keep our streets safe, which I know to be of great concern to many North Herefordshire residents.

"I thank our outgoing Prime Minister Mrs May for the hard work and dedication that she has shown throughout her premiership, and I look forward to a new Conservative government that will deliver Brexit and shape an exciting future for Britain.”

The result of the leadership contest was announced today (Tuesday) as Boris Johnson received more votes from the Conservative Party membership than his rival Jeremy Hunt.