A COUNTY resident says she is worried about security at a local festival after unconscious and disruptive revellers were found on her property.

Herefordshire Council’s licensing committee has given the go-ahead for this year’s Kentchurch Sunrise Celebration to play indoor and outdoor films, plays and music as well as the sale of alcohol.

The festival runs from August 15 to 19 but nearby a resident raised concerns over a lack of security at the festival in previous years.

“I accept I am going to have a lot of noise to cope with but my main worry is security,” she told the committee.

“Having been on the periphery of the festival for the last two years, I’m well aware there are not only an enormous amount of people trying to get into the festival without paying through private property but also a lot of people straying from the festival onto private property.

“We had several incidences of this during 2017 when I did complain and made several telephone calls.”

She said she didn’t make any complaints last year because she felt it was a waste of time.

“In 2017, the complaints had not been addressed at all.

“On one occasion, in a little holiday type yurt, which we were running at the time, we had an unconscious member of the festival.

“There were several people lying around on the decking outside who refused to leave.

“We made phone calls to the security, but nothing happened.

“This year I’m really concerned that I’m so close to the boundary.

“There doesn’t appear to be any boundary fencing to stop people straying or to stop people from the outside coming in.

“We are relying entirely on security. I want reassurance that there is going to be a decent security firm in place not a few lads with yellow jackets on.

“I want to know that I can contact somebody immediately if there is anybody on my premises or if I’m woken up in the night with somebody trying to get in.

Applicant Gawain Boal, who runs a security firm, said he did not want anyone to feel unsafe.

“We run event controls, I have performed and worked at over 300 festivals as a contractor in the last 20 years,” he said.

“I’m running a family-friendly festival and so far we have sold 406 adult tickets and 276 children tickets.

“I’ve got professionals in to deal with noise. I’ve learnt a lot over the last two years.

“In 2017, we were a bit louder and there were issues which were largely addressed in 2018.

“I’ve actually got three times the level of security that we had last year.”

Chairman Alan Seldon said the committee was content that all reasonable steps have been taken to uphold the licensing objectives and approved the occasional premises licence with conditions.