A TEN-year-old girl from Leominster has landed one of the leading roles in a West End Musical, despite having no previous singing or acting experience.

Bea Ward fought through several rounds of audition from Cardiff to London to secure the roll of Tomika in Andrew Lloyd Webber's stage adaptation of School of Rock.

Throughout the audition process, Bea's mother believed she was being considered for the role of Summer, the manager of the School of Rock band, and Tomika, the band's lead vocalist.

Currently rehearsing in London ahead of appearing on stage at the Gillian Lynne Theatre, Bea said it's been a dream come true.

"I am having the best time rehearsing the role of Tomika in Andrew Lloyd Webber's School of Rock The Musical," she said.

"I can't wait for my first performance as it has always been a dream to perform in the West End and now I get to make that dream come true at the Gillian Lynne Theatre alongside my School of Rock family.

"I have really enjoyed exploring Tomika's character and when she finds her voice in the show, it's a really special moment.

"I would like to encourage other children to keep working hard and to never give up on their dreams, because dreams do come true when you put your heart and soul in everything that you do."

Bea's mother, Juvy Ward, said it was a friend from her daughter's ballet classes in Birmingham that suggests she should audition.

The process started with Bea being recorded singing at home in Leominster, through to final auditions in the capital.

"She's had no previous singing lessons, training or acting classes, and we haven't got an agent, but other children in the West End do," said Ms Ward.

"She's done a lot of dancing, she goes to the Royal Ballet School in Birmingham and other ballet classes in Worcester.

"I knew a lot of audition for the West End, but didn't know about School of Rock. The mother of one of Bea's friends at the Royal Ballet School said why didn't I audition my daughter.

"My friend said she sings well, and I knew she sang well, but I wasn't sure if it was professionally good."