A couple whose walking holiday was brought to a painful end by an accident have been singing the praises of the firefighters who helped them.

Experienced walkers Derrick and Liz Williams had been spending a few days in Malvern enjoying some scenic walking.

All had been going well with their plans until disaster struck on the second day when Mrs Williams slipped over, hurting her ankle.

Mr Williams said: “We had walked up British Camp and did the hills on the south side,”

“Then, on Friday morning, the plan was that we would do the northern part.

“We set off up the Worcestershire Beacon and, although it was misty with a bit of breeze, we then thought that we would finish off the three northern hills.

“We had just set off from the Trig point and had only gone about 25 metres when Liz slipped on some flat, level ground and went over.

“She couldn’t speak for a moment and I feared that she had had a stroke.

“When she was able to speak again and told me what had happened, I picked her up and got her to shelter on the eastern side.”

The pair, from Caerwent, South Wales, sat on a bench and called 999.

The White Watch crew from Malvern Fire Station was quickly in action.

“It was only about 20 minutes before the fire service were with us,” said Mr Williams.

“I was truly amazed by how quickly they got to us – they were able to get their 4x4 right up to us and take Liz down to the ambulance which had only been able to get about halfway up the Beacon.”

Mrs Williams has her left ankle in plaster and is attending the fracture clinic at the Royal Gwent Hospital.

They hope to return to the Malverns to complete their walk at a later date.