Black Mountains Lions were happy to support Gabrielle Yapp by donating £400 towards a project with VSO in Uganda for three months during her gap year, helping young people address opportunities of employment. Volunteers were put into groups of four. Her team of two British and two Ugandan were situated in the north and stayed with a Ugandan family for the duration, experiencing Ugandan life to the full which included their regular diet of beans and rice. Her five-day week work entailed running a workshop for careers and business skills; practical skills within the community. Farmers, suffering loss of income with more frequent crop failures caused by climate change, were encouraged to diversify with making goods such as beads, soap etc & and then how to market their products. They travelled regularly to a refugee camp teaching girls how to make sanitary wear. This was also taught in the communities enabling girls to attend school. Gabrielle will now go on to study Psychology at Durham university. Following her experience not only in Uganda, but also previously in Greece volunteering in Koutshokero refugee camp, she has decided that she will carry on with humanitarian work when she graduates. We wish her all the best in the future.