A TEENAGER'S birthday celebrations "got out of hand" and has been slapped with fines from magistrates for being drunk and disorderly in Hereford.

Magistrates heard how Kyle Leroy, 19, had been drinking in the Vaga Tavern on August 30 as he celebrated his birthday which was four days previous.

Shafquat Reaz, prosecuting, told Hereford Magistrates Court how police had been called to Vaga Street to reports of a disorder as Leroy was in the street acting aggressively.

Despite police trying to calm him down, the teenager continued to shout and swear, and was arrested by officers at 10.20pm.

Speaking in his own defence, the self-employed stonemason said: "It had been by birthday a few days ago so it was my birthday weekend.

"I'd had one too many and what I did was stupid really."

On Wednesday, magistrates told Leroy it turned out to be an expensive night out, fining him £50.

He was also ordered to pay £32 victim surcharge and £135 court costs.