LEDBURY in Bloom is already planning ahead for the 2020 campaign, after a recent brainstorming meeting where the judges’ comments were considered and taken on board.

At their first meeting since gaining their 13th gold award, the regulars of Ledbury In Bloom gathered in the Community Centre to look back on great recent successes and forward to another year.

Current chairman, Clive Gunn said: “The occasion was an opportunity to congratulate those groups who had been entered in the Royal Horticultural Society ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ scheme.

“Between them, The Ledbury Station group led by Lynne McCrae, The U3A Gardeners led by Sally Holliday, The Nursing Home group led by Graham Roberts, The Almshouse Beds led by Wendy Hill and The St. Michaels Housing group were given the top rating of ‘Level 5: Outstanding’ four times and once ‘Level 4: Thriving’.”

But Mr Gunn revealed Ledbury almost missed out on an overall gold this year.

He said: “As expected this year’s gold was a close call with Ledbury In Bloom gaining just one mark more than the 170 out of 200 needed.”

But he added: "The judges praised the group for raising its game this year.

“Our real battle was with the weeds and I would personally like to thank the many people who came out in the last few days before our assessment and tackled the weeds throughout the streets of Ledbury.

"It was ironic that the judges still mentioned the weeds despite this. Thank goodness they didn’t see it two weeks earlier.”

But Ledbury cannot always expect a golden outcome.

Mr Gunn said: “To be honest I can’t guarantee the future of Ledbury in Bloom if the volunteers again have to do a massive job that should be done by the authorities. We don’t have the equipment, training or funds to tackle the weeds chemically. Can anyone help?

“We keep being downgraded for things that we have no control over which is frustrating. This year it was the weeds and the street furniture, bins and signs. I would like to thank the volunteers for all they did; I think that Ledbury looked Blooming Beautiful this summer.”

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