In line with Herefordshire Council policy, Tarrington Parish Council has declared a climate emergency, with a particular aim of promoting more environmentally-friendly travel.

This includes supporting greater use of bus and cycle travel, and some measures are already in place.

The Tarrington Arms car park is already part of a park and ride scheme and there are bike racks for cyclists to park and ride.

Tarrington Parish Council chairman, Janette Ward said: “If you need to travel to Hereford or Ledbury, why not avoid the traffic jams and give the bus a go instead!”

Other initiatives being looked into and supported include the creation of more green spaces, tree planting “and any new

initiatives in the parish, so that we can work together to make a difference”.

The date for the next meeting of Tarrington Parish Council is Monday, November 11, from 7.30pm, in the Lady Emily Community Hall.