A BUSY Hereford petrol station could be demolished and rebuilt if plans are approved.

Plans were submitted to Herefordshire Council to refurbish the Co-Operative store and filling station on Holmer Road last April, but concerns from Highways England have delayed the decision.

Should planners give the scheme the go-ahead, the existing store, fuel pumps and canopy would be demolished and the layout of the site changed.

The 21 car parking spaces would remain, but 10 will be in front of the store.

The car wash would not be rebuilt and one of the six pumps would not be reinstalled, meaning space for two fewer cars.

Highways England has raised concerns over the plans and said permission should not be granted until November so they can be addressed.

The company said there is a lack of context in the general description and the description of the locality.

Concerns have also been raised over a bollard at the entrance to the petrol station which is “likely to be struck on occasion”.