A HEREFORDSHIRE man is aiming to run, kayak and cycle 8,000km across Australia as he takes on an ambitious challenge.

The Great Australia Triathlon is a challenge created by Ben Cianchi from Preston-on-Wye, which will see him cross Australia south to north under entirely human power.

He will be joined on the first part of the trip by his two sisters, Claire and Emma, as they run across Tasmania.

The trio will run 650km unsupported, carrying all of their kit for around three weeks.

Mr Cianchi said while the trio have taken on adventures before, they expect running across Tasmania to push them further physically and mentally than anything they’ve done before.

He will then sea kayak 350km to the mainland and mountain bike 7,000km to the continent's northern tip.

It’s thought the trip will take around six months, and Mr Cianchi will be joined by award-winning film maker Jonathan Doyle who hopes to make a documentary inspiring others to get outdoors.

For more information visit thegreataustraliantriathlon.com.