IMPROVING the layout of junctions, as well as building a Hereford bypass, could improve the safety of Herefordshire's roads, an MP has said.

Bill Wiggin, MP for North Herefordshire, said more needs to be done by the local authority to improve junctions on the A49 north of Hereford, as well as a notorious crossroads near Ross-on-Wye.

On Sunday, a biker was airlifted to hospital in Birmingham with potentially serious injuries after a crash with a car at the turning for Wellington village on the A49.

Mr Wiggin said: "We've got some bad places, the A49 at Wellington for example. Reducing the speed limit is always attractive, reducing it from 70mph to 50mph through Wellington.

"If people don't take notice, then it doesn't matter. I would urge people to drive at right the speed for the road conditions.

"I urge the local authority to get the roads in a good condition and changing the road layout to make things safer.

"The truth is there is not one solution to accidents, but slowing down helps. There is no doubt that junction at Wellington is bad, it's counterintuitive."

Mr Wiggin said improvements to the road layout at the Old Gore crossroads on the A449 near Ross-on-Wye are needed.

On September 23, a woman was airlifted to hospital in a serious condition after a two-car crash.

"The other things is frustration, people who are stuck in jams in Hereford and more likely to go faster after," Mr Wiggin added.

"For this reason a bypass is critical. Keeping HGVs out of the city is also a good thing for air quality.

"Even if it's a 20 per cent reduction in traffic, it's better. My constituents want a bypass."

The Hereford Times is urging drivers to watch their speed in an attempt to reduce crashes.

The slow down and stay safe campaign was backed by Mr Wiggin, who has previously campaigned for safer roads.

A Herefordshire Council spokesperson said they have looked at a number of options for the crossroads recently, but a roundabout isn't feasible.

"We regularly monitor all junctions and locations where there is a history of accidents and we have a programme of safety education alongside to promote safe driving on the county's road," they added.