From the company who brought Scorched, Open Sky Theatre present The Disappearing Act at The Courtyard next week.

Edie Rose is a magician’s assistant. On the eve of her 60 birthday she finally becomes the star of her own show. That show is a magical cabaret; a dark ribald tale of a woman’s life in showbiz. Edie conjures versions of her younger self, magically transporting the audience to defining moments of her life.

Herefordshire based theatre company Open Sky, produced by Turtle Key Arts explore the treatment of women in the industry, sexuality in performance, motherhood, the hopefulness of youth, the wisdom of experience, love, loss, identity and how women culturally ‘disappear’ as they age in their latest production, The Disappearing Act.

Founded in 2012 by Claire Coaché and Lisle Turner, Open Sky combine new writing with visual, physical theatre and work with local, national and international artists. In addition to creating work that is accessible to both rural and urban audiences, Open Sky also deliver inclusive, fun and educational drama workshops for people at different stages of their life.

The Disappearing Act will be at The Courtyard on Tuesday, October 15 at 7.30pm. To book, call the box office on 01432 340555 or visit