THE Green Party has announced its Herefordshire candidates for the upcoming general election.

Ellie Chowns MEP is standing in the North Herefordshire constituency, and  county councillor Diana Toynbee in the Hereford and South Herefordshire constituency.

Ms Chowns, who has also been a county councillor since November 2017, was elected to the European Parliament in May this year representing the West Midlands.

She said she is honoured to have been selected as the Green candidate for the North Herefordshire constituency for the second time.

“It’s time for change. The old political system is broken, and we need some fresh Green thinking,” she said.

“I’m standing because I believe North Herefordshire deserves better.

“We need an energetic MP with strong local roots, strong principles – and a record of getting things done.

“I’m proud to have served my local community as a councillor and as an MEP.

“But I know that the big decisions that shape the future of this country are made in Westminster.

“If we want to change politics in the UK, we have to change our government.

Diana Toynbee was elected to represent the Greyfriars ward on Herefordshire Council and Hereford City Council in May this year.

She is delighted to be giving voters a chance to vote for a fairer greener society.

“We all want a healthy, safe future, but our public services, democracy and countryside are under threat and real action is long overdue,” she said.

“This is a very unpredictable election, and people are already fed up with the slogans and empty promises.

“I’m a practical, realistic person – I understand the issues and am determined to support our economy and protect our quality of life.

“I’m very proud to be receiving so much encouragement from local people.

“They’re telling me that more than ever we need a Green MP in Westminster championing what we care about.

“I want to speak for you in Westminster, and work with others for fairer politics.

“You can be confident that my experience, understanding and energy will make me an excellent MP.”