COMMUTERS are outraged after promises of two extra train carriages on busy commuter services have not been honoured by the rail company.

West Midlands Railway, along with MPs Harriett Baldwin and Robin Walker, had said that extra train carriages were going to be provided to the 7.09am Hereford to New St and the 1.50pm and 4.20pm departures from Birmingham New Street to Hereford in response to increasing overcrowding and unhappiness from the public.

The new carriages were meant to go into service on November 1, but commuters are saying that they have not materialised.

Jo Martyr, who has regularly spoken out about overcrowding on the trains, said on Twitter: “Nose to nose again in the stifling heat of the 16:20 Brum - Worc. Still only 2 coaches despite assurances of an additional, borrowed coach.

“A three-coach service has been woefully insufficient pre Christmas, the crush induces anxiety, discomfort and aggression, vulnerable passengers often collapse and/or panic. Now we have two coaches and endless WMR weasel words. Please fix this.”

Robin Walker said he was “very cross” and that WMR had “done themselves no favours” by not honouring their commitment to specific services.

He said: “The WMR people tell me that they do have the additional carriages, but cannot guarantee they will be used on specific services.

“They told me and Harriett Baldwin that they would be putting them on specific services so I am very annoyed that they have not been able to deliver on this. I think that should be borne in mind at future franchising discussions.”

Richard Brooks, customer experience director for West Midlands Railway, said: “Last Wednesday, three days ahead of schedule, we introduced two additional carriages on the route between Hereford and Birmingham New Street.

“As these trains did not come into service at a designated timetable change they must be moved into position each day, outside our normal processes.

"This means that on some occasions, such as during disruption or due to issues with other trains, we may not be able to strengthen as many services as we would like.

"These carriages are a temporary measure to increase capacity until more additional trains arrive at the turn of the year. A new fleet for the route is in production.”