A new tradition might be forming with a request from The Sealed Knot to re-stage the Battle of Ledbury, once again.

This year, the Civil War march and clash coincided with the Ledbury Poetry Festival, in July.

A request for support for a similar march and re-enactment has been sent to Ledbury Town Council, and councillors are keen on the idea.

The request, from the Ledbury Sealed Knot Society states: “Ledbury Rugby Club agreed to host the Sealed Knot Society in July, with the purpose of staging a re-enactment of the Battle of Ledbury, 1645. As part of this event, the Sealed Knot staged a march through Ledbury town centre to coincide with the Poetry Festival, in order to highlight the town as a ‘go to’ destination that weekend.

“Both the battle and march were hugely successful in driving tourism into Ledbury, and delivering an educational value of the town’s history during the English Civil Wars.”

The request adds: “Ledbury Rugby Club has expressed a desire to host the Sealed Knot again, this time in 2021, on a date to be confirmed.”

Two battles could take place over a weekend, with one happening each day. There would be a living history camp at the Rugby Club, off Ross Road, and once again a spectacular march would take place through the centre of town.

There could also be ‘a minor skirmish’ in the town centre, although a full risk assessment would be needed for this, and liaison with West Mercia Police.

Members of the society also plan to hold a sponsored march from Upton-upon-Severn to Ledbury, “in full kit,” to raise money for a bereavement charity.

Ledbury Town Council has agreed to support the Sealed Knot proposal, and nearer the time could liaise with Herefordshire Council over the necessary road closures.

It is not known yet whether or not the 2021 reenactment would take place during the 2021 Ledbury Poetry Festival.

Town councillors plan to invite Ledbury Sealed Knot representatives to a talk, before a council meeting, which would involve a presentation and a question and answer session.

The actual battle of Ledbury of April 22, 1645, was a Royalist victory which allowed troops under the command of Prince Rupert to join King Charles 1 at Naseby. Much of the fighting took place in the High Street and near the Parish Church.