A SHOPLIFTER who was caught with items from seven different shops said she had previously donated stolen goods to charity shops because she “felt bad”.

Items including clothes, cosmetics and accessories were recovered by police after Catherine McKenna, 68, was caught stealing in the Fat Face shop, Hereford.

At Hereford Magistrates Court, Owen Beadle, prosecuting, said police had searched McKenna’s car and found more items that had been stolen from stores including Boots, Marks and Spencer’s and New Look in the city.

McKenna pleaded guilty to the seven charges, dated between September 5 and October 5.

She also stole from shops closer to her home in Crove Street, Ludlow, targeting White Stuff Clothing and M&Co.

Defence solicitor Marilena Di Vitantonio said McKenna started stealing after going through a traumatic period, as her husband stripped their house and disappeared while she was on holiday.

“She doesn’t wear all of them or sell them, the majority are taken to charity shops,” she said.

“She said she feels bad so takes them to charity shops.”

Ms Di Vitantonio said things came to a head after McKenna’s car was broken into and she had to pay £400 as a result.

Magistrates fined her £173 for the theft of clothing and accessories worth £90.50, but there was no separate penalties for the other six offences.

She was also ordered to pay £32 victim surcharge and £135 costs.