BILL Wiggin and Jesse Norman increased their majorities as the Conservative Party looked set to achieve a thumping victory across England.

Their messages to back Prime Minister Boris Johnson to get Brexit done resonated with the overwhelming majority of Herefordshire voters.

Mr Norman polled 30,390, well ahead of Labour’s Anna Coda on 10,704, in the Hereford and South Herefordshire constituency.

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Liberal Democrat Lucy Hurds polled 6,181 and Green Party candidate Diana Toynbee who received 2,371 votes.

Meanwhile, Mr Wiggin received 32,158 votes with Liberal Democrat Phillip Howells in second place with 7,302, in the North Herefordshire seat.

Labour’s Joe Wood polled 6,804 and Ellie Chowns of the Green Party received 4,769 votes.

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Both Conservative candidates thanked the public for their support and said it was time to determine how the UK will leave the European Union.

“Thank you all very much for the hard work you have done this evening counting those votes.,” Mr Wiggin said.

“Thank you to the people who helped, to Alex Snell, to my chairman Dan, to Theresa, Laura, Harry and everybody who has been so wonderful and helpful during this campaign.

“Democracy is a wonderful thing.

“We had a referndum in 2016, Boris Johnson told us he could change that deal Theresa May came up with and now we are going back to Westminster to get Brexit done.

“So thank you all very much indeed. I would like to thank the returning officer, all the staff here, the police, and of course, most of all, my wife Milly."

Mr Norman said we were seeing an ‘extraordinary earthquake’ result in the general election.

“I think unexpected and possibly a moment everyone here will say to their children and grandchildren I took part in the election of 2019," he said.

“I am honoured beyond measure to be elected by such a margin and I thank everyone, my voters and voters for all parties for the care they took to turn out on a rotten, cold, wet miserable day in winter to do a very important civic public duty.

“Here in Herefordshire we are blessed to have one of the finest organisations for counting, validating votes. I want to thank every single person in this room who has been involved in this process.”

Speaking before the election, Mr Wiggin said he felt delivering Brexit would help heal divisions the country.