Vamos Theatre’s new show Dead Good tells the story of a friendship between two men who are staring death right in the face.

But why did this particular theme appeal to the Worcester-based theatre company, which is famous for performing in masks?

Artistic director Rachael Savage felt it was time to investigate our attitudes towards life and death.

She said: “The main reason we are telling this story is to ask the question of how the dying teach us to live and how do we live fully?

“I never thought I’d do a show about death because I’m terrified by it but it’s been really good for me to tackle this subject because I’ll talk about it now. And in all of the research I’ve laughed more than I’ve cried.”

The original inspiration for Dead Good came from an audience member who also happens to be a GP with a specialist interest in end of life care.

Rachael said: “She emailed me to say she had an idea for the next show and when I first met her I was thinking ‘death is the last thing I want to make a show about’.

“But then I found out we were completely on the same page about encouraging people to talk about it, to plan for a good death, to ask if there is such a good thing as a ‘good death’, and getting families to find out each other’s wishes.”

As part of her 18 months of research, Rachael visited hospices where she talked to staff caring for patients and people with terminal diagnoses.

She said:“I went to St Richard’s Hospice in Worcester which has a Men’s Space Group and the men who attend it have the kind of friendships that you make when there’s nobody else who can really understand what you are going through. There I met two chaps called Nick and Pete and they are phenomenally good friends and that friendship is based on care and compassion for each other but also humour. They giggle and laugh and rib each other and take the mick all the time.”

Dead Good comes to The Swan Theatre in Worcester on January 23 and January 24.

Box Office: 01905 611427