WE are told that the Prime Minister intends to pour out a flood of money into areas in the North Midlands and North that supported him for the first time in the recent election.

I am pleased to hear it. I have nothing against it, but is it not time that north Hereford, which has obediently voted for his party for so long and so often, was drawn to his attention?

We are always taken for granted, we are always ignored, our infrastructure is appalling, and our city is gridlocked (the second slowest in Britain).

The A49 is the only strategic trunk road in Britain that remains a single carriageway. It goes on killing people at a steady rate, and our connection to the motorway system to the east is a winding old track.

We pay taxes to subsidise London commuters, but are fobbed off with a rail service which sometimes stops at Ledbury.

Our bright young people, so carefully and successfully prepared, disappear to their chosen university and never come back. There is so little to come back for.

There will be no future without good communications. For a very long time we have sent people to Westminster to speak for us, but they have preferred the good opinion of the party whips to our needs.

Let us hear from them, or better still, let the Government hear from them.

Paul Young