WHITECROSS Hereford High School has announced its shorter days dates for 2020.

It will be the fourth year that the school has run shorter teaching days, which is says allows more "investment in quality time improving teaching".

Headteacher Tim Knapp said: "We are a school committed to providing the highest quality of teaching and to do so we know we need the time to invest in teacher development.

"A number of studies show that professional development is most effective when it is sustained and revisited throughout the year.

"As a consequence, we have introduced five short teaching days where lessons conclude at 1pm and students go home at 1.35pm.

"The time gained is used by teachers as part of a comprehensive programme of professional development. I believe this has raised standards and contributed to our success.

"We've always published the dates as far in advance as possible and scheduled them to have the greatest impact on teaching.

"Feedback from our community has been appreciative of the work of our teachers and their commitment to excellence and the short teaching days have become a normal part of our school year."

Tuesdays when school ends at 1.35pm for students are February 11, March 24, May 12 and June 16.